CSF Service Project- Mutt Match LA


Sheilah Aragon

A collage of the Mutt Match event created by the lovely owner, Sheilah Aragon.

Canyon’s CSF club is known for participating in different service projects to provide its members with community service opportunities. One of their most recent service projects included acquainting themselves with some new furry friends.

Mutt Match LA is a K-9 Rescue Shelter based in West Palmdale and founded in 2009 by founder and director, Sheilah Aragon. They pride themselves on being inclusive to all ages, and all-breeds, attempting to shield their dogs from the vulnerabilities they may face in overcrowded shelter systems. There is no limit to their inclusivity as they take in strays, surrenders, seniors, and special-needs cases.

How does CSF play a part in this? Recently the shelter expressed a need for dog beds as they house a large number of dogs. Seeing as how those numbers can add up to a costly amount, Director Sheilah Aragon came up with a DIY solution––taking old tires and reusing them as makeshift dog beds.

On Nov. 21st, members of CSF gathered together at Mutt Match’s established facility to help conduct Aragon’s idea of reusing the old tires as dog beds. The tires were cut out from the top and bottom in order to make more space for the bed cushioning that was to be placed inside. The job of the CSF members was to paint eccentric, colorful designs on the tires.

The designs made by the club members were well thought out and executed well. At times when members were unsure of what to paint, others were quick to give ideas and encouragement.

At the end of the day, the members painted over 20 tires, each with unique patterns that made the beds a more homey space for the dogs to relax in. Mutt Match LA and its employees were welcoming and grateful to all those that participated in the event.