Fidget Toys Can Help With Your Focus


Maggie Razo

There are a variety of fidgets toys people enjoy to use like the ones shown.

Fidgeting is a way for our bodies to get rid of extra energy and give our brain something to focus on. However, this extra energy is redirected with a specialized toy allowing an individual to open their mind up to a new level of focus.

These specialized toys are called fidget toys. All fidget toys are different depending on what each individual desires. Some are squishable while others have switches or buttons. In an article by Micheal Hink, he stated “In fact, research indicates that most children learn better when their hands are active and funneling expandable energy in this manner allows them to better focus on what they are trying to learn.” Rather than nail-biting, hair twirling, or foot tapping, etc.

For instance, these tools can improve academics in people with disabilities and those without. When individuals with ADHD were introduced to fidget tools, there was a 27 percent increase in their academic scores. A 10 percent increase in academic scores was shown in those without learning disabilities as well.

Particularly, every person has their optimal level of stimulation or lack thereof. This can change throughout the day depending on what task is being done. Furthermore you can fine tune your environment to reach your own level of focus. Some things may include putting on headphones in a noisy environment or messing with a pen or other object allowing the individual to calm themselves.

In addition, fidget tools are meant to be quiet and not distracting to yourself or others. They are not supposed to keep peers from being able to do their work. They should not interfere with the teacher’s lesson or classroom environment. The tools are not supposed to interfere with your own learning and should not be used in an inappropriate manner.

Furthermore, different tools have different surfaces and abilities. A fidget cube has switches, buttons, a rollerball, an indent to rub, and a small joystick. A stress ball can be small and filled with putty or slime that allows the individual to squish it without worry. Tom’s Flippy Chain is made of split rings and chain links that flip into each other. Tangle Jr. is a number of curved pieces of plastic that can be taken apart and put together that are able to pivot at each joint for continuous motion.

We all focus differently. So finding the right tool will be a trial and error. However, no matter the tool, the right one can help you significantly.