“Curtains up” because Hamilton is coming back to Broadway!


Slices of Light

Originally a vaudeville and movie palace in the 1930s, it is currently a premium venue for live stage theatre in Los Angeles, usually presenting major musical productions, This is still one of Los Angeles most famous theaters. The Academy Award Ceremonies were held in the theatre from 1949 through 1959.

The wait for Broadway to come back with show-stopping performances is over on September 14, 2021. Even “Hamilton” will be back and it will be better than ever. There are also rumors of the original cast performing, including the show’s writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The last time we saw “Hamilton” live was on March 11, 2020 and now, more than a year later, tickets are officially on sale.

In 2016 “Hamilton” took home 11 Tony awards following their win for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for a drama.

“Hamilton” really took off in 2016 and ticket prices skyrocketed leaving most people unable to afford tickets. That was until July 3, 2020 when Disney+ released the film version of the entire play with the original cast members. The world went crazy and watched the 2 hour and 40-minute film as soon as it debuted.

The Richard Rodgers Theatre will reopen at 25% capacity with tickets expected to be $1,000 each. All guests must pass a COVID-test and are required to wear a mask throughout the entirety of the show.

Most people will be happy to have seen the video version of the play and skip paying for tickets, but plenty of fans will jump at the chance to get the full “Hamilton” experience live!