You Can’t Read That


Somerset Public Library

Banned Book Week

Wait! We can’t read that? But why?

These are just some of the responses students are giving when they see that certain books are unavailable at school.

You may have noticed certain books that are no longer in school libraries, or allowed in our curriculum. This is because of rising challenges against books.

While many argue it is to protect the young minds of our growing country, many can truly see what the goal is.

The deeper reality of this growing movement is to change and show a slanted vision of what children, grades K-12, should learn about American culture, society, and history in the world.

Although more prominent in some states, book banning has seen a rise in the past two years, each ban for numerous reasons.

The leading reasons, however, used to be centered around pornography and pedophilia.

As society progresses, books are being viewed in a negative way.

Now, a new wave of censorship has been on the rise. Targeting literature relating to race, LGBTQIA identity, or sex. If we look closely at the geographical area where challenges come from, there’s a connection, showing red states having higher numbers opposing blue.

While it may seem many people are all for the rising number of bans, many are opposed to them.

“I don’t like that some books are banned because I like to learn about books with their opinions,” sophomore Tara Takhar, explained.

Many parents agree with Tara’s point of view. As those parents understand that other parents may not be alright with their children learning about certain books, they shouldn’t take that opportunity away from others whose parents believe they should learn about the topics discussed.

They believe that parents should have the option to exempt their children from reding certain books. However, there are pieces of literature made for a reason and should be taught so.

Only time can tell whether book banning will continue to worsen or not and we have to be there to protect our literature for generations to come.