Mulan Movie Review

Fa Mulan In the movie Mulan.

Mei Tuo

Fa Mulan In the movie Mulan.

Mulan is a representation of feminism. She shows girls that women can be strong and do things that people think only men can do. Mulan is a well-illustrated woman that shows power and dedication. She also does not want to be taken for granted by anyone and will overcome anything that stands in her way.

She is a great role model for kids because she shows that not just girls, but anyone can be and do whatever they want for their goals. She also shows them that you do not have to obey anything and everything that is shaped by society that does not feel right.

She displays a strong minded warrior which I personally appreciate because I feel Disney only displays princesses of class and of delicacy which is what many girls cannot relate to. As a result of this, I feel that girls are going to think that they have to live up to the standards of a delicate girl and might feel less of themselves because they might not have all of these luxuries.

Mulan showed us that you can be anything you want regardless of your obstacles or gender, but ultimately it was about the honor of family. She showed the value and passion she had to keep her family safe and that she would do anything for them. Not only did Disney want to exhibit this, but they also wanted to encourage girls to be brave.

Mulan overcomes the struggle of protecting her family by changing her appearance in hopes of taking her father’s place in the war. Mulan does this because of her father’s condition. If he fought in the war, he would probably die, so Mulan is very noble.

When Mulan first got to the area, no one liked her. As she prepared for the war and started off horribly, with practice and hard work, she amazed her peers even though it was a rough start for her.