Ancient Inventions


Joe Harmon

First finished wheel The first finished center section of the wheels drying on the shaper.

Many inventions were made hundreds of years ago and have changed the way humans live.
Some inventions are the wheel, sanitation facility, and gunpowder. They have changed slightly throughout the many years, but how were they originally created?

The wheel was first invented sometime around 3500 B.C in Mesopotamia. The wheel’s purpose was so that it could be used for pottery. The wheelbarrow was later found around 200 A.D. in Ancient China. It was used to transport supplies along narrow embankments. The wheel was very useful, whether it was used for pottery or to transport supplies. It helped ancient civilizations make hard work easier.

The first sanitation facility was made in Babylon around 4000 B.C. back then it was referred to as the sump or cesspit. The Babylonians used their knowledge from the already created hydraulic system and were able to apply it to create clay pipes. They then washed down the feces with buckets of water to keep the pipes clean. The sanitation facility was very important because it helped to promote a better quality of life.

Another major influence on the way we live today is gunpowder. Gunpowder was first found in China around the 9th century CE. The Chinese monks first discovered it on their journey to find the life-extending elixir. After the discovery, the Mongols became very violent and started many invasions. Soon, gunpowder started to spread to many different parts of the world, even reaching the Middle East by the 13th century CE. Gunpowder was a very destructive force that was used for warfare and led to many deaths.

Ancient civilizations developed very important inventions that helped the people of today understand the technology from long ago. What do you think about these ancient inventions?