Takis vs Trader Joe’s Takis


Aubree Gearhart and Natalie Tartadian

Hot Competitors// In the epic showdown of chip vs chip, our competitors are the original taki and the Trader Joe’s Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips. Who will take the crown?

Ever since Trader Joe’s came out with their “Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips Chilli and Lime,” there has been a huge debate on whether or not they beat the original Taki chip. The original Taki chip has been a favorite to most people for a few years now, and when Trader Joe’s came out with their own version, wars were practically started over this controversial topic.

Both of the chips seem to have a similar flavor, but they are slightly different. The original Taki has more of a spicy flavor, and the color seems to be much more red. They also have more jalapeños in them, which people who love spicy foods seem to love.

Trader Joe’s chips are less red, and it seems to have more lime and more of a chili flavor, making them not as spicy as the Takis. People seem to like this more because you are able to eat a lot more without it being too spicy or having to constantly drink water while eating them.

While both the flavors are good, both chips have their pros and cons. The original Takis pros are that they are basically sold in every store, making it easy to buy. They also seem to satisfy many people’s cravings when they want something spicy. Their cons are that they are not as healthy, and if people eat too much, it can cause certain effects such as heartburn.

Trader Joe’s chips also have their pros and cons. Their pros are that they are healthier; they have less saturated fat, sodium, and sugar, which makes them a healthier spicy snack. Their cons are that they are not sold everywhere like the original Taki. Trader Joe’s only has certain locations, and they get sold out quickly, so you would need to go super fast before they run out!

Overall, both chips have their good and bad points. So, what do you think? Which chip is better?