New CS2 Game Coming Out Soon


Spencer Greig

In the upcoming game Counter-Strike 2, volumetric 3D smokes will allow for players to shape and carve the smokes with bullets and grenades to outplay enemies.

The new computer game, Counter Strike 2 (CS2), is said to release this summer and is the sequel to Counter-Strike: Global offensive (CS:GO), which was released in Aug. 2012. After more than 10 years, we will finally receive major changes ranging from improved lighting, new gameplay elements, and a new game engine.

The smoke grenade, which is one of the core mechanics used in CS:GO, has gotten a rework. Before, when you threw the grenade, a small circle of smoke would appear, and you could not do anything to make it disappear except to wait it out. Now, when you shoot or go through the smoke, you can clear a bit of it so that you can see through it. The smoke now reacts to its environment, meaning if the landscape has a particular shape the smoke will fill it up.

Valve, the company that owns CS:GO, is allowing people to play the early beta of CS2, but it is a bit tricky to get a chance to play. You first have to have CS:GO downloaded and go to the main menu. If you get lucky, you’ll receive a notification inviting you to play the CS2 beta. You are more likely to get an invite if you have recently played on the Valve servers, are trustworthy, meaning you have not committed any bad acts on any of Valve’s servers, and your Steam account status, so if you have been banned on steam before you’re less likely to get approved to get a invite.

When CS2 releases, you will be able to keep all of the items that you had obtained through CS:GO, but all items will have an enhanced look. The weapons will also have a higher resolution and overall better look due to the new engine.

With the many updated features and new game elements, many are excited to play. Professionals who got to demo the game early have had very positive reactions to the gameplay. Valve is trying to make a comeback after its successful game, CS:GO, and it’s scaring its competitors.