Let’s Get Real: Girl Talk


Sophia Maybin

So many distractions on one little device.

Being a girl seems to have a million pros and cons, but I don’t think that boys really know all of them.

Something that goes over people’s heads is actually a major issue… that being catcalling. A non-profit organization by the name of “Stop Street Harassment” did a survey involving 916 men and women and it was found that “81 percent of women… had experienced some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime” (Chatterjee). Teenage girls and women are often taught not to defend themselves against the catcallers because they could get hostile, which results in girls becoming scared to go out.

The words that are vocalized are not only uncomfortable in the moment, they are scarring as well. Some men have absolutely no filter and go on rants about all kinds of expletives we can’t write here!.

Many guys don’t seem to understand the impact their statements can make on a girl. For instance, if you infer that a teenage girl looks like an individual who is provocative, she might become shy or dress more conservatively to avoid the taunts. Although every woman’s experience is different, it is still important to do something about it.

There are a plethora of things that boys don’t know about and happen to be too shy to ask about because they think it will be awkward. As an introvert myself, I understand, but most girls would love to educate you on the many traits of being a girl.

What does a period feel like?
Girls can have different side effects when on their period, but the most common that you hear every girl complain about is cramps, cramps, and more cramps. If I had to describe the feeling of cramps, I’d say it’s like someone is constantly punching your lower stomach or that you haven’t eaten for days. Regardless, it’s very painful.

Other agonizing feelings a girl might face during her period are headaches, bloating, and fatigue. As for the actual bleeding portion, that is a whole other story.

When girls start their “time of the month” (as we shyly have to call it), they usually know instantly. You can feel it rush through your body, followed by a feeling of discomfort and saturation within your pants.

Disgusting, right? It’s actually just nature doing its thing, and shouldn’t be, because every girl goes through it. Girls should never be embarrassed when bringing their period up or asking questions, and guys definitely shouldn’t put down girls because they’re grossed out. Guys should have the guts to deal with blood, as they have their own.

Why do girls spend so long in the bathroom?

A lot of teenage girls are expected to live up to the expectations given by social media, so girls use makeup to “cover their flaws,” but there’s so much more beyond insecurities.

Some girls do makeup for themselves, as it can be seen as a form of art or hobby. In reality, none of us are perfect in the way that we think, rather we are each perfect in our own way.

In a school setting, the reasons are a little different. Girls have a strange habit of going to the bathroom in groups. Boys find it bizarre, but girls bring friends with them because they don’t want to be alone. It could be that when you’re handling your business, there’s nothing to do, or the practical lesson we are all taught as little girls to go in numbers for safety..

What do females find attractive?
Every girl has their own personality and style, whether it’s through partners or clothes, so it is somewhat hard to identify a general type that a girl wants. Typically, girls want a relationship with someone who is caring, affectionate, kind, and most importantly, loyal.

How hard would you rate being a girl is out of 10?
A lot of girls I’ve asked have explained to me the hardships of being a girl, and the average score of difficulty is 8/10.