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  • May 14Graduation - May 21
  • May 28Finals: May 28-30, 2024
Joshua Benitez Retrospective
May 29, 2024

Since the school year of 2022, one man has been constantly talked about and admired by the entire Journalism staff. This man's name is Joshua...

Concerts in the Park SCV
Concerts in the Park SCV
Haylee Bolita, Staff • May 12, 2024

What are Concerts in the Park? Concerts in the Park are located in Santa Clarita at Central Park. These concerts have a variety of music types. They start in July and end in August. The best part of these...

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Earth From The Moon
Earth Day
Diego Melara, Staff • May 8, 2024
Linemen (Thailand)
Natalia Milhoan, Staff • May 8, 2024
Columbia University
Columbia Protests
Thomas Bowcutt, Staff • May 8, 2024
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Grilled Corn
What to Grow This April
Diego Melara, Staff • April 24, 2024

Spring is in the air! As the flowers start to bloom and the weather starts to heat up, I'll tell you what to grow this April! Tomatoes are an excellent choice for a plant to grow this April, with beloved...

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AP Exams Advice
AP Exams Advice
Daniela Amador, Staff • April 24, 2024
Mental Health Graphic
Prioritizing Mental Health
Joey Gray, Staff • November 13, 2023
This miniature horse seemed to be very docile and out of curiousity wandered up to the fence which I was looking over.
Mini Horses
Colin Bilyeu, Staff • October 9, 2023
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Who is the Greatest NBA Player of All Time
Nicholas Puerto, Staff • May 8, 2024

Throughout the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), many great players have come and gone. Of all of these players, the viewers...

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Womens basketball
Women's NCAA
Haylee Bolita, Staff • April 24, 2024
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