Sri Lanka

A Peaceful Paradise

In the midst of the Indian Ocean, sheltered by Africa and Asia, lies a hidden island. Safe from the suffocating hands of the developed world, Sri Lanka thrives amongst the tall palm trees and endless tea leaves. Winding dirt roads lead to the rushing waters of rivers that travel throughout the island. The occasional smiling face is spotted peeking out from behind a door in the many villages within Sri Lanka.

The world slows down around you when you first step into Sri Lanka. The sounds of traffic and people are shut away and replaced with the calming ambiance of nature permeating the still environment. It is known to the local people as the “Wonder of Asia.”

Being born in Sri Lanka is like being part of an exclusive club. I have thrived in the rich culture of the country and immersed myself into everything that makes it so special. I have learned the dances, spoken the language, and walked the paths that my ancestors carved out for me. Generations of my family have blossomed on this beautiful island. It is a place of absolute serenity.

As I walked the beaten paths through dense forests, all I could feel was happiness. This place is home in every sense of the word. Although many people are not lucky enough to have been born on the island’s soil, they can have unforgettable experiences when they fly into Sri Lanka.

Tourists and locals alike can find a thrill in swimming in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, jumping off a waterfall, feeding an elephant or the endless monkeys that wander the island, and so much more. This island is an escape from the real world into a place concocted by dreams.