Finding Yourself Through ‘Find Your Grind’


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Today during second period, students from all over the Hart School District virtually came together to watch the Find Your Grind assembly presented by Mike Smith. Through this assembly about self-discovery, Mike Smith aims to break the common misconception that we must all follow the same plan after high school.
The assembly opens with DJ Cayleen Green as she plays a wide range of hits that resemble the music that used to blare in the gym at the beginning of our rallies when we were actually in school. Once her lively set ends, Mike Smith begins what feels like a natural conversation with us students at home. He then reveals his own journey after high school.
Similar to many of us, Mike Smith did not know exactly what he wanted to do after he graduated. All Mike Smith knew was that he wanted a career that involved “helping people and having fun.” Through this personal philosophy, he ended up building a successful non-profit organization from the ground up that combined two of his passions: skating and charity.
Mike Smith conveys through his own personal experience that there is not just one route to success. He also invites Cayleen Green, the DJ from earlier, to share her own experience with pursuing her musical passion. She admits that you must hustle to achieve what you want, but it is ultimately worth it if you can achieve your dreams, aspirations, and goals.
“Are you pursuing what you want to pursue or are you pursuing what you think you are supposed to?”
This is the question that Mike Smith constantly repeats during his presentation. He stresses that, just like himself and Cayleen, we must pursue what we are passionate about too.
Find Your Grind is about discovering the skills you already possess and using it to chase your big adventure. By the end of this eight-week program, we will all hopefully discover more about our aspirations and how we want to impact the world as its future leaders. During these hard times, it is difficult to imagine what is out there for us; however, anything is possible if you set your heart and mind to it as cliche as that may sound.
While we continue with Distance Learning, it is important to remain socially and emotionally connected. Thus, the Find Your Grind experience does just end with the assembly or program. ASB urges all of us to join Mike Smith on Flip Grid and take the Lifestyle Assessment on the Find Your Grind website to truly learn more about yourself and your future.