The Elite Invitational

The Elite Invitational was a legendary game with top tier players coming for the win. This game was hosted by Pasadena City College and Credible Vision, in which they introduced audiences to the best college and high school basketball teams in the golden state.

While many colleges like Ribet V. Mayfair and Fairfax V. St. Bernard were intense games between Titan-scaled basketball, everyone really came to Pasadena City College for one reason: the rematch between Rancho Christian and Sierra Canyon.
Rancho Christian is home to Evan Mobley, the number 1 overall recruit in the nation. While Sierra Canyon is known for a lot of famous stars, many know it is home to Bronny James, the son of basketball star Lebron James.

Crowds roared as soon as the man of the night came out of the double doors with a look of preparation and stern determination. Sweat reflects off of Bronny’s face as the stadium-grade lights above him shine while he paces toward the court patting Sierra Canyon’s small forward Zaire Williams on the back before the rematch begins. Sierra Canyon was ready to face the Eagles again, and this time they were not ready to go home on a loss. After losing by only three points last time, Sierra Canyon wanted sweet revenge.

Celebrities such as Brandon Jennings, Dwane Wade, Shaunie O’Neal, Pat James, and a majority of the James family reserved their seats to watch this rematch go down. Sierra Canyon’s shooting guard, BJ Boston was on spot with a 30 point lead to aid Zaire’s 20 against Racho Christian’s Dominick Harris with 17 and Evan Mobley’s nine-point comparison.

By the time the 3rd quarter was over, the game’s result seemed obvious, but Rancho still attempted to get a 10-point lead to stay even with Sierra Canyon in the 4th quarter. Williams, catching on in between quarters, realized Rancho’s strategy quickly and defended with a 35-foot 3-pointer during a missed pass from Dominick to Evan.
Boston hit back-to-back shots before Amari Bailey slammed a two-handed jam as an exclamation point to make it 66-51. Sierra Canyon made their run for victory and Rancho Christian couldn’t keep up, especially because Mobley and Harris did not perform as they had before. They just didn’t show up to this game which helped lead to their team’s demise. The crowds on the Sierra Canyon side of the court jumped out of their seats filling the gymnasium with a rumble of an earthquake at the final buzzer, and Sierra Canyon secured their place with a victory of 78-62.

The Trailblazers wanted vengeance on the Eagles for their last time on the court, and they definitely served them right up. By working harder and smarter than they have before they were able to steal and secure the win. To simplify it, the Trailblazers simply wanted it more.