2020 World Series

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  • Justin Turner sharing a moment with Mookie Betts during the World Series.

  • Austin Barnes hitting a home run against the Tampa Bay Rays.

  • Brandon Lowe hitting a two run home run during game two of the World Series.

We are now in the biggest stage for professional baseball, as it is finally time to crown an MLB champion. The World Series has the Tampa Bay Rays trying to dodge the hot Los Angeles baseball team. With this year in sports being all over the place, baseball decided to take place in their bubble during the postseason, similar to the NBA. Their bubble was in Arlington Texas and was in place for around a month.

With the baseball season starting in late July, more than three months passed their normal start date, there were only 60 games played by the teams. This is a big difference between the normal 100 games played by each baseball team. The Dodgers picked up Mookie Betts during their offseason and stayed with their normal roster from last year.

With their new superstar, they were able to rack up 43 wins in the 60 game season. With an easy sweep over the Milwaukee Brewers, they faced the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers continued their flawless postseason as they moved onto the National League Championship Series

The Tampa Bay Rays had an amazing season themselves, finishing first in the American League. With them acquiring Arozarena from the St. Louis Cardinals during their offseason in a trade, the Rays didn’t do too much else and mostly stuck with their old squad from the previous season. With a 40-20 season, the Rays looked to try and make a run for the championship this year.

With the Rays starting their postseason against the Toronto Blue Jays and quickly beat them
2-0. After the easy postseason victory, they moved on to the infamous New York Yankees. Proving to be more of a challenge, the Rays barely made it out, winning the series three games to two. With their final obstacle being the Houston Astros, the previous World Series winner, the Rays season was looking like it might come to an end.

With the momentum and fans all on their side, the Rays went up 3-0, thinking that they were guaranteed a finals spot in this year’s World Series. The Astros, however, had other plans, winning games four, five, and six, tying up the series, and having all the confidence to win another and go back to the World Series for a potential rematch of the Dodgers and Astros. This, however, did not come to reality as the Rays barely squeezed in with the victory, winning 4-2 and seeking their first franchise World Series win.

In their series against the Atlanta Braves, the Dodgers found themselves being down 3-1 and all hope was lost. But they persevered and came back to tie the series 3-3. Within game seven, the Dodgers barely clinched the win by one point, advancing them onto the World Series where they looked to win their first championship since 1988.

As the first game took place, it was a very quiet first three innings. That was until the Dodgers put up the first two points of the series and put on another four to increase their 6-1 lead on the Rays within the first five innings. With the Dodgers having a commanding lead and continuing to show their hot hand, they would end up winning the game 8-3 and move onto game two. The Dodgers are currently on a four-game win streak and look to make it five.

With Game two on the way, the Dodgers are excited to go up two games to none, as they are playing at home. Tampa Bay gets the first point of the game very early on and makes it a 3-0 lead after the fourth inning. The Dodgers, however, put up two points fast, but it was canceled out by the Rays two points, now leading 5-2 after the fifth inning. The same thing happened during the sixth and the score is now 6-3.

With a lot of the baseball game left to play, the Dodgers tried making a run late, but only got one point and went scoreless the rest of the night. The Tampa Bay Rays take game two, winning 6-4, and seek out game three, where they look to steal another game.

With the start of game three, it was a quiet first two innings, with only one point scored between the two teams. But during the start of the third inning, the Dodgers gathered two more points, along with another two in the next inning. With the Dodgers now up 5-0, the Tampa Bay Rays finally got their first point of the game in the fifth inning but were cancelled out with the Dodgers one point in the sixth inning.

With the game being 6-1 at the start of the seventh inning, the biggest enemy against the Dodgers is the time at this point. With the game winding down, the Rays only scored one more point and the Dodgers ended up winning 6-2 and went up 2-1 in the World Series. Being able to dominate the game, the Dodgers powered through and won the game.

As game four starts, the Dodgers are looking to go up 3-1 in the series. With a fast two points in the first three innings, the Dodgers are looking like they might continue their lead for the rest of the game. But to shut down their run, the Rays scored a quick point in the fourth. As both teams scored another point in the fifth inning, it might be a close finish.

With the start of the sixth inning, the Rays were able to get three points and take the lead from the Dodgers, despite them also getting a point in the inning. With their 5-4 lead, the Dodgers look to tie it up and do so, scoring two more in the next inning, along with the Rays scoring one. With the score being tied up at 6-6, the Dodgers take the lead and hold onto it until the last play of the ninth inning, where they miss the ball and the Rays steal an easy two points, winning the game and tying up the series. With game five the next day, the Dodgers need to pick themselves up and try to go up 3-2.

As the Dodgers and Rays are continuing to battle, the start of game five sees three points for the Dodgers as they take a commanding lead in the first two innings. However, the Rays are not going to take that and score two points in the third inning and gain the momentum of the game. As the game continues, only one more point is scored between the two clubs, going to the Dodgers. The Rays end up losing 4-2 and with the series heading to a potential close, the Dodgers are looking to end the series on game six.

With so much on the line during game six, both teams were very quiet. After only one point being scored throughout five innings, the game became both very intense, yet very boring with no action. However, the Dodgers finally put up two points at the end of the sixth inning, thanks to Corey Seager. Finally, with their first lead of the game, all Dodger fans had their hope regained. With the Dodgers scoring an extra point during the eighth inning, all the pressure was on the Rays. Coming down to the final plays of the game, The Rays would end up striking out and losing the game 3-1.

Finally, after a 32-year drought, the Dodgers were champions once again. With the city of Los Angeles erupting, the excitement was temporary after finding out that one of the players participating had received Covid-19. Justin Turner was pulled during the seventh inning because his covid testing had come back positive. Being one of the better players on the Dodgers, this was a big hit to the team and the fans. Though he did come back out, wearing a mask, to participate in the team pictures, this is not a good look for the MLB. Nevertheless, the Dodgers have finally won their rightful championship and have been crowned the MLB World Series Champions.