2020 Presidential Election


The Associated Press

The Election map as of Nov. 4, 2020, 8:36 a.m. PST.

Election Day 2020 finally arrived. Many Americans would say yesterday was the most important day of 2020. With both President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden’s confidence, the election has kept many citizens on their toes.

Due to the increase in voting through mail, many states will not have full results for an unknown amount of time. Although the results were not released last night, there have been many projections made regarding the long-awaited results.

There is no official winner yet, but according to The Associated Press’s live electoral map, Biden seems to have the lead with more electoral votes. With Trump winning many states in the Midwest and Biden winning the majority of the east and west coast, no one can be completely sure what the final results will be after 100 percent of the votes from all states are accounted for.

Regardless of who wins, many people around the nation will be heavily affected. Individuals just need to remember to have patience during times like these.