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  • After struggling with cancer for two years, this little tree was made to give Griselda Cervantes light.

  • This medium tree is for the hard-core Dodger fan to commemorate the Dodgers finally wining their much-deserved World Series Championship.

  • Each year, a large Christmas tree with personalized ornaments representing each family member throughout the years can be found as the holiday centerpiece.

With the news of Corona and a fight against Breast Cancer, my mom has decided to skip Thanksgiving. In response to this, she has welcomed Christmas at the beginning of November. As a result, our house has turned into the epitome of the Christmas spirit.

This year has been so stressful and tiring, so decorating for Christmas is a great way to relax. We have three different sized trees set up to decorate our house. One is in the living room and the other two are in the dining room, each with its own theme. The large tree, not fully finished, displays lovely shades of reds, greens, and golds. The medium tree has been decorated in honor of this year’s World Series Champions, The Dodgers. And our last tree has been chosen to be decorated with candy canes and snowmen.

Marking the days until Christmas is a countdown displayed below the TV, along with signs of a white Christmas- things that can always bring joy. Snowmen and nutcrackers are seen near the tree, conveying the spirit of Christmas to those who enter the house.

As each day passes the gift population under the tree grows; new presents come home with each outing, making the tree look almost complete.

The inside might not match the outside just yet, but we have plans to set up Christmas lights during the Thanksgiving break. As well as more decorations going up inside the house with the hope that Christmas arrives fast.

Did your household skip over Thanksgiving too, and just jump right into the Christmas spirit? It seems like this year needs the extra cheer that the winter holidays bring out.