Traveling Through a Pandemic

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  • Southwest followed the COVID-19 guidelines and made me feel safe.

  • TSA workers are required to wear gloves, masks, and face shields to protect themselves and other people.

  • While people boarding the planes only have to wear a mask, other items of protection were recommended.

  • On the flight, beverages and snacks are no longer an option.

  • I had a great trip out of state and managed to not get COVID. Staying safe and cautious is important when traveling during the pandemic!

  • During the flight, you have to wear your mask on the whole time.

  • Wearing glasses protects your eyes from COVID-19.

For my 17th birthday, I was surprised by a trip to Colorado. Although I was really excited, I was also very nervous to travel during the pandemic.
At the beginning of the trip I was extremely cautious about what I touched or the people I met with for fear that I would catch the virus, however, I decided to be cautious, yet not focus on the deadly virus hunting me down.
I managed to have a fun and exciting trip while successfully avoiding COVID-19, and I have a lot of memories that will last long after this pandemic’s hardships expire.