Hope Trautwein Throws a Perfect Game


Jacob Snow

United States catcher Dejah Mulipola (34) swings a pitch during an exhibition softball game between the United States and the Arizona Wildcats.

Hope Trautwein is a softball player attending the University of North Texas. She plays NCAA Division I softball at the University of North Texas and made headlines the other day. On April 11, 2021, Trautwein recorded a perfect pitching game as she caused 21 strikeouts throughout the seven innings.

Trautwein is the first pitcher ever in NCAA Division I softball to accomplish a feat like this. Though there were two other players able to strike out 21 players, Alabama’s Alexis Osorio in 2018 and California’s Michele Granger in 1991 neither of them had a perfect game as Trautwein did.

This young player is very special and her team loves her. They stated that this isn’t the first time that Trautwein has struck out 21 players and is actually the third time in her career. She led her time to a win against the University of Arkansas, beating them by three points. With such a special talent, we can only imagine what Hope Trautwein will do in the future and how many records will have her name on them.