Skin Care in 2021


Sophia Maybin

The graphic depicts generic skin products with the words “Skin Care” written over them.

Skin Care in 2021
By Jaden Quimson, Writer
Even with masks, beauty and skincare are still essential to many people. This year the beauty industry has stepped up its skincare game. Whether it was adding extraordinary things to their ingredient list or keeping it simple, 2021 brings a fresh start to the beauty industry.

Many skincare brands, such as Glow Recipe and Youth to the People, use ingredients such as kale, spinach, and avocado to maximize the benefits of their products.

Redness and irritation is bound to happen from wearing a mask all day, but Glow Recipe has formulated a solution. The brand recently dropped an “Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum” to treat redness and target skin barrier concerns. This product includes rice milk, ceramides, and also avocado extract!

Acne is another common skin concern many teens struggle with. As a person who struggles with breakouts, I have found that using a good cleanser with gentle ingredients helps tremendously.

Youth to the People’s “Superfood” cleanser has amazing ingredients such as spinach and kale extracts that target and reduce breakouts! Skincare by Hyram, a licensed skin care specialist on Youtube states that it’s “the best cleanser [he] has ever used” and continuously recommends it in his videos.

Never in a million years would I have thought that food would be seen in an ingredient list outside of a recipe. With the past year being very unpredictable, it should be no surprise that even the beauty industry can continue to surprise us with their extensive variety of crazy and new products to try in 2021.