Though Different, the Tradition Continues

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  • Joseph Mercado, Joanna Castro, Leslie Sanchez, and Broch Gillies are in the middle of completing their designs on one of the stair cases.

  • Best friends sign their names together with a heart.

  • Melica Bakhtiari leaving her mark.

  • Señor Herincx signing seniors Heidi Hernandez and Louis Suaste in during their assigned time slots so they can sign their name in the Senior Quad.

  • Kolbe Weatherford, Dillon Morgan, Aidan Rodriguez, and Ryan Kert get ready to sign the DMC DeLorean from “Back to the Future.”

  • ASB Director, Señor Herincx, gave students a paint pen after getting cleared with their Crisis Go health screening verification.

  • Michael Beaton-Kent and Matthew Santos sit down to show their huge signatures. Simply a work of art.

  • Danae Wolf and Gabby Sanchez pose with their self acclaimed “hottest couple” signature.

  • Mariam Botross, Paige Palacios, Lesley Trigueros, and Alegria Moortgat are posing altering signing the quad.

  • Seniors Nichakorn Ponpakpong and Skyler Bables show off their detailed signatures.

As restrictions are starting to ease up, ASB saw this as the perfect opportunity to hold their annual Senior Quad signing.

What is interesting about this go-around is that seniors had to sign-up in specific time slots in order to attend. A max amount of 30 slots were available each time period leaving a good amount for social distancing.

During the signing, I got to talk to peers that I haven’t seen in over a year, and I also had the chance to take pictures of them, and get some coverage from the other days!