Is SNL Even Funny Anymore?


Asit Khanda

It’s Saturday Night

Saturday Night Live (SNL), is an iconic show full of laugh tracks, huge celebs, and some occasional funny jokes. The late-night comedy show has aired on Saturday night since 1975, and every episode usually contains a celeb guest host and a musical performance. The most recent SNL guest stars on Saturday’s episode were Keegan-Micheal Key and Olivia Rodrigo.

The show has been through many changes, and many seasons; currently, they are on season 46. With there being so many changes throughout the lifespan of the show, does this mean SNL isn’t funny anymore?

Many watchers have suggested the early seasons of SNL was its “golden age,” and was the funniest the show has ever been. Humor is subjective and not everyone will laugh at the same jokes, but some people might find that the sketches they produce now are still as funny as they were back then.

Their viewership is mostly made up of 18-49-year-old males, and that isn’t to say females and individuals who are younger than 18, and older than 49 don’t watch SNL.

Over the years they have produced many political skits, especially in 2020 with the Trump vs Biden election. Some viewers have determined that their political sketches now seem like propaganda and the writers might be pushing on their beliefs onto watchers. This is a huge problem and might be one of the biggest factors that have led to the ‘fall’ of Saturday Night Live.

The Fall Of Saturday Night Live

Elon Musk recently hosted SNL on May 8th, and there was tons of backlash, some articles even reported that Musk was the “worst host ever.”

I watched “Gen Z Hospital,” which premiered on May 8th, and it wasn’t funny personally. It’s not that I’m triggered, but it just wasn’t funny to me and it was cringy. The skit consisted of a group of Gen Zers waiting for their friend in the hospital, as Musk was the doctor giving them all the information on their friend, all while making fun of Gen Z’s way of talking. Some call it the worst skit ever on SNL.

To be named the ‘worst host ever’ and have the ‘worst skit ever’ is probably super embarrassing; I mean throughout the 46 years the show has been running, that’s got to be an accomplishment of some sort.

There have been many hosts throughout the shows running, and some of them have been listed on the “Top 20 Worst SNL Hosts,” published by Rolling Stone. To be fair, there have been many lists made of the worst SNL hosts, and none will be the exact same, some have certain celebrity guest hosts, while other lists have a whole different set of hosts.

As I’ve stated previously, SNL has been through many changes in the past years, such as writers leaving and other writers entering. Every writer writes very differently from each other, and this causes a shift in the writing of sketches that viewers may not be used to, it could take a while to get familiar with the new writing styles. Especially where I have stated before that the writers of SNL might be pushing their political beliefs onto the viewers. This sadly made long-time viewers stop tuning into the show.

Over time, the number of viewers will change drastically if they don’t change certain features to the show. It has been a long time running and many families grew up on it, it would be tragic to see it go.