The Attack on Transgender Rights Continues


Victoria Pickering

Transgender healthcare rally by the White House, 10/22/18

It is extremely disheartening that I am back writing another issue about anti-trans legislation not even two months after the first one, but here we are.

So far this year, 82 anti-transgender bills have been passed into law, easily surpassing 2020s record of 79. These numbers are devastating to the trans community. Each bill that is passed puts countless transgender lives in danger

Just a few weeks ago a bill was passed in Montana that doesn’t allow transgender people to change their name on legal documents until they have had gender-confirming surgery. According to the freedom for all Americans website, the bill states: ¨An act revising vital statistics laws regarding the four amendments of birth certificate sex designations and the issuance of replacement five birth certificates; Providing that the department of public health and human six services may amend a birth certificate sex designation only on receipt of a court seven order indicating that the sex of a person has been changed by surgical procedure.¨

While that may not seem like an issue, many trans people don’t seek out surgery. What trans people do or don’t do with their bodies shouldn’t be in legislation.

Another huge bill that is looking to be passed that will be detrimental to trans youth especially is
TX SB1646. This bill is looking to include helping a transgender minor medically transition child abuse.

Section XIV of the bill states, ¨administering or supplying, or consenting to or assisting in the administration or supply of, a puberty suppression prescription drug or cross-sex hormone to a child, other than an intersex child, for the purpose of gender, transitioning or gender reassignment; or performing or consenting to the performance of surgery or another medical procedure on a child.¨

These bills are no short of vile. Watching grown people in public office wage war against transgender children is absolutely pathetic. My heart breaks for my trans brothers, sisters, and siblings. You are valid in your trans identity. We see you.

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