The Beauty at the Ball Game: Halftime Show

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  • Brenda, color guard team captain, performing the first movement of the Brigade’s routine.

  • Varsity cheer dancing at halftime to a musical mash-up.

  • Varsity cheerleader Ebony Lubin cheering on the Cowboys.

Canyon had its first official Varsity football game on Friday, Aug. 27, 2021. Although our varsity team did not win this game, they still played well. But besides the actual game there were more things to bring to the entertainment including the Canyon band, varsity cheer, color guard and even our student section.

At the beginning of halftime Canyon’s marching band, aptly known as “The Gold Star Brigade,” approached the edge of the field with grace and determination. The name of their show this year is “Phoenix Rising.”

The pieces played by the brigade are soulful and sorrowful, with occasional upbeats to add in contrast. Wrapped in costumes the color of flames and accompanied by flags just as fiery, the color guard used their skill to follow the rise and fall of the melody, resulting in a beautiful show altogether.

Even though our ASB lead student section does not perform during the games, they still loudly cheer on those who do. Whether it be doing cheers with the cheerleaders or even just cheering for our team, the student section is definitely an important aspect of Canyon’s school spirit.

Soon after the band and color guard finished their routine, varsity cheer rallied their way to the center of the field to perform. Cheer worked hard modifying a dance learned from a 3-day camp they had earlier this summer as well as stunting, memorized counts, and formations all throughout the routine. Along with motions, the stunts shown were the ones the team worked hard on all week.

Although cheer will most likely not perform at every home game halftime, we still look forward to seeing the spirit they bring onto the field, and their ability to encourage players and people in the stands to cheer for our team. The ASB student section and their Cowboy Pride, the band with their music; together, they create a great and fun experience for everyone attending the games.