Ups And Downs of This Year’s Homecoming Dance

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  • Classmates happily scream as they spin around on the Tornado ride.

  • Students wait for a chance to get on the extremely popular Ferris Wheel ride.

Homecoming is finally back from a year of covid! Saturday night students partied and had fun with each other. Playing games, going on rides, and getting food, it was a great way to have fun.

Homecoming had a variety of carnival food including pretzels, fries, cotton candy, and khona ice. However the most popular food by far was the fries. 10th grader Diego Colindres, said “I really enjoyed running around with my friends and going on rides together.” Everything at the dance was included in the ticket with no extra charges. You needn’t worry about bringing anything, just an ID card and you can do whatever you desire.

Students also enjoyed hanging out and playing carnival games. The games were extremely popular because of the small prizes that could be won from them. “The winning of stuffed animals was a really smart idea,” said Madeleine Vilte, 10th grader.

However, homecoming was not all sunshine and rainbows. Because of all the last minute ticket purchases many of the rides present at other homecoming dances were unable to be at this one. Students complained about lack of rides, most of them being underclassmen. Lack of rides can also be blamed on Covid because costs have increased due to the decrease of consumers.

A fan favorite ride according to students was the Ferris Wheel The wait lasting well over two hours for some. The other rides that were present included teacups, tornado, slides, and the tumbler. All rides included multiple seats so they could be ridden with friends.

Arcade games were also available at the carnival. By far the most favored being Guitar Hero. After being fixed half-way through the dance, its popularity skyrocketed. Street Fighter, Mrs. PacMan, Space Invader, etc. was also provided but not as popular.

Another unforgettable addition was a photo booth. People were able to capture memories of homecoming. The photo booth allowed up to seven people at a time, with choices of funny cutouts and props to make entertaining pictures.

Smiles were shared, hugs were traded, and goodbyes were said as the dance concluded. Homecoming was a tremendous event, hopefully adding another experience to include in valuable high school memories.