Senior Backpack Tradition

As you walk through CHS, you may be confused when you see students wearing “little kid” backpacks with childish designs. Using little kid backpacks is a fun tradition that many seniors have taken part in throughout the years.

Not all seniors purchased a funky backpack, but the members of the Class of 2022 who did, did not disappoint. From minions to avengers to even unicorns, everywhere you turn there is a senior taking advantage of the unique backpack tradition. Here are some of Canyon High School’s best senior backpacks:

Lissie Wolff (12) and Paul Sekyiappiah (12). (Angela Regular)

Seniors Lissie Wolff and Paul Sekyiappiah took it to the next level with their matching spiderman backpacks. Spiderman is their favorite superhero!










Josiah Fechtelkotter (12). (Angela Regular)

On the other hand, Senior, Josiah Fechtelkotter, could not choose his favorite superhero so he went with a backpack that has most of the Avengers on it. “I feel like this is my last year to be a kid, so I wanted to embrace it by having a backpack that reminded me of my childhood,” said Fechtelkotter.









Emma Garcia (12). (Angela Regular)

Moving on from superheroes, Senior, Emma Garica, decided to get a backpack that matched the Class of 2022 theme, Scooby Doo.

These are only some of the many cool backpacks seniors at CHS have decided to wear for their last year of high school. If you are a senior and do not have a little kid backpack, it is not too late to join the seniors who have them and celebrate the tradition!