Senior BBQ


Briahna Mendoza

Emily Guluzza, Stephen Foster, Rylee DeLeon, Cassidy Cerin, Rachel Burstein, Ryan Leskin.

With a new year, and also the first year back in person, this year’s seniors have already completed their first quarter of their last year in highschool. Starting off the slew of events full of senior fun was the traditional Senior Sunrise, followed shortly by the Senior BBQ.

ASB rented The Habit food truck for the seniors to get their lunch from on this special event.

Emma Simone, a senior who came to Canyon after her sophomore year, says “The events have been fun…[Graduating] is kind of surreal.”

Ms. Anderson, the assistant principal, says she has “much more appreciation for an event like this because we know what it’s like to have a year without.”

Daniel Kasparoff, when asked how being a senior feels, said “I think it’s really cool…it just gives you, like, some kind of really cool title.”

After waiting in line and getting their food, the seniors got to enjoy their burgers and fries while hanging out with their friends in the quad and listening to music in the background.

As a final and more sentimental event, the seniors got to lay their names down on the quad as a mark on Canyon. The quad is now decorated with names and drawings in white ink to accompany the Scooby-Doo art.