Students at Washburn Rural High School Protest The School Dress Code


Stephanie Davey

Students protest during the first few weeks of school.

Students from other schools have been planning to protest against their dress code. There have been a lot of protests that occured in a lot of schools.

A recent article in the New York Times states that there was a 2020 study that dress codes mostly target females just because a lot of the clothes females wear are considered or seen as “sexy”.

According to Mackenzie Smith, a junior student from Washburn Rural Highschool, about 30 students were detained and threatened with detention. Even when she was given a sweatshirt to cover up, she was still detained.

Most students from Washburn Rural Highschool wore tank tops, pajamas, crop tops, etc. These students walked into their school with posters while saying the phrase “My body, my choice”.

Young women protesters felt singled out because school staff judged their clothing as distracting to male students and male staff members. School’s should not have to punish students for wearing what they are comfortable with.