Trick or Treat-yo-self to Classic Halloween Movies

Everyone likes to celebrate the spooky season in a different way. From pumpkin carving to bobbing for apples, there are many Halloween traditions people like to take part in during the month of October. A popular way people love to celebrate the spooky season is by watching classic Halloween movies.

There is nothing like curling up in a blanket and watching a spooky movie to get in the spirit for the holiday. Whether you are a fan of scary movies or not, here are 10 classic spooky season movies from least scary to scariest, that almost anyone can enjoy:

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”
This classic Halloween movie follows the Peanuts gang as they celebrate Halloween by trick or treating and waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. This timeless movie is a perfect way to ease into the spooky season for both children and adults!

“The Addams Family”
A con artist shows up at the Addams Family home claiming to be the mother’s missing brother. The movie is rated PG-13 and is funnier than it is scary, as the Addams family is slightly peculiar.

A specialist and his teenage daughter arrive at a run-down mansion haunted by a lonely ghost. Unlike the stereotypical ghost, Casper longs for company and builds a cute relationship with the teenage girl.

“Haunted Mansion”
A real estate agent who neglects his family brings his family to a mansion that turns out to be haunted. While attempting to escape, they learn more about each other and work on uniting. Though there may be some scary images for younger groups, the main character’s funny lines make it a not-so-scary movie.

“The Shining”
Beware, this is where the movies start to get frightening. This classic horror movie features a writer that mentally goes off the deep end and terrorizes his family.

“It” is another classic film based on a horror novel by Stephen King. A group of teenagers face a murderous clown that appears in their town every 27 years. This is definitely not the right movie for you if you are afraid of blood and gore.

Similar to “It,” “Carrie” is another horrifying story brought to us by Stephen King. When a bullied high school girl from an abusive household has enough, she goes on a rampage using her powers to injure and kill everyone who hurt her or did nothing to help her.

“A Quiet Place”
In a world where you must live in complete silence or die, would you survive? A father and mother struggle to raise their children in a setting where murderous monsters hunt and abduct you by sound. This movie features a good amount of jump scares to get your heart racing during a spooky night.

“The Exorcist”
Loosely based on true events, a mother becomes concerned about her daughter’s odd behavior. They assume she has been possessed by the devil and get a specialist to perform an exorcism. This unnerving and chilling film could definitely keep you up at night.

“Get Out”
An African American man gets in an interracial relationship with a Caucasian woman. They both travel to the girlfriend’s parents’ home where he will meet her parents for the first time. He assumes his awkward interactions with her parents are because this is their first time meeting, but the film takes a great turn and the man is trapped in an absolute nightmare.

Hopefully, one or more of these movies will be added to your list of movies to watch for a great fright night. Have a great spooky season and make sure to trick or treat-yo-self to classic Halloween movies.