We’ve Got Spirit!

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  • Leadership trainers, Shane Wilson, Ryan Leskin, Pablo Rodriguez, and Matt Heyne went for the hoodie and pajama pants on Monday.

  • Senior Angela Regular walks like Adam Sandler out of class.

  • Gabrielle Holcombe is ready for the job…of learning.

  • Sam Lopez got away with this toy shopping cart.

  • Tobias Andrews got his shopping cart taken away in the morning, but he had a backup plan–a pinata!

  • Ashley Duarte finished her cereal, and used the leftover box to carry her stuff.

  • Mrs. Hanks’ period 4 freshmen accepted the theme challenge.

  • Katelyne Abalos, Estella Plancarte, and Monet Akopyan Miranda got really creative for Wednesday’s anything but a backpack spirit day.

  • Martina Corbin, Taylor Arietta, and Brooke McCormick bring their creative carrying cases for their school supplies.

  • Marcus Botros wheeling around a trashcan for “anything but a backpack day.”

  • Alexis Soria uses her beach cart at school.

  • Don’t worry, it’s not a real baby, just a creative carrying case for Maddie Brown’s school supplies.

  • Vivian Lee

  • Madeline Beatrice Yu used a rice bag as her backpack.

  • Mrs. Hanks’ 2nd period honors English class got involved in “anything but a backpack day.”

  • Principal Holcombe transports one of the mini shopping carts to get ready for pick up.

  • Shopping cart graveyard in the admin building.

  • Senior Maddie Brown was poppin’ as a granny.

  • Granny Maddie Brown joined the counselors and passed out some candy.

  • Freshmen Josalyn Kong and Chloe Helo dressed as babies.

  • School spirit!

Canyon High School’s Hart week brought out the creativity in the student body. Students had different themes to adhere to every day of the week

Mondays are always a struggle, so starting the Hart spirit week off with pajama day was wonderful. Students could be seen wearing their favorite pajamas, or robes, and some even added slippers and stuffed animals. Senior Naomi Phillips said “I wear pajamas everyday, so this is basically my comfort zone.”

Tuesday was Adam Sandler day. Adam Sandler is an American actor/filmmaker who is primarily known for his comedic roles. In addition to being a funny guy, Adam Sandler’s messy style is notorious and has become the face of many memes. According to sophomore Linzy Deanda, “the Adam Sandler day was cool, it was super cold so I couldn’t really wear shorts which are his actual fits, but I still wore baggy clothes.”

On Wednesday students were to bring anything but a backpack to school. Students got really creative and replaced their backpacks with things like laundry baskets, microwave, pots, tote bags, rolling ice chests and suitcases, carts, wagons, boxes, etc. At the beginning of the day, the students who thought to bring shopping carts found out this was not allowed. Admin collected the carts, put them in the front office, and had the City of Santa Clarita pick them up to be returned to their home store. Senior Ricky Romero got his shopping cart taken just as he entered the campus and said “having my shopping cart taken away was really sad because I didn’t steal from anywhere.”

Senior citizens versus babies was the theme for Thursday where the juniors and seniors were challenged with dressing like senior citizens, and the sophomores and freshmen were babies. Students struggled to find the right outfit, so participation was down, but those who dressed up went all out. Senior Maddie Brown transformed herself into a cute grandma who had a purse full of “grandma candies” as she said, to all of the “children.”

Friday marked the conclusion of the Hart spirit week, so naturally students were supposed to represent their school pride wearing the school colors, green and gold. The student section at the game showed how many students were invested in this tradition and really earned its name, the Green Machine!