Harry Styles Sends Marvel Fans into a Frenzy When He Reportedly Made an Appearance in the Movie “Eternals”


Kevin Winter/Marvel Comics

Harry Styles will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Eros in the upcoming movie “Eternals.”

The former One Direction star Harry Styles has landed himself a huge movie role! A film reporter who attended the “Eternals” movie premiere claimed that Styles’ role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was confirmed at the end of the movie. The musician-turned-actor will take on the role of Eros, the younger brother of the iconic villain, Thanos.

Although he is best known as a former boy-band member and for singing big hits like “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You,” Styles is no stranger to acting. In 2017, he played Alex in the award-winning war drama “Dunkirk,” racking up an impressive on-screen resume.

So who is Eros in Marvel Comics and what could he bring to the MCU? Born on Saturn’s moon, Titan, Eros is the youngest son of the two Eternals Sui-San and A’Lars. Eros loves life, adventure, and romance, earning the nickname “Knave of Hearts.” Unlike his brother Thanos, who was born a deviant, Eros is a carefree spirit who is more interested in women than power.

His powers include flight, super strength, and resilience. He also possesses the ability to manipulate people’s emotions. As an Eternal, Eros can harness cosmic energy for various purposes and is practically immortal, aging far more slowly than humans; he is over 1,000 years old.

Don’t go thinking Eros is a villain and is tied to Thanos’ schemes to snap half the universe out of existence. In the Marvel Comics, Thanos leads an attack on Titan that leaves their mother dead, a loss that leads Eros to take life more seriously. Eros subsequently teams up with The Avengers to take down Thanos, earning his codename “Starfox.”

Currently, there aren’t any real details about when Styles’ take on Eros will get its first proper showing. His appearance in “Eternals” is reportedly limited to a post-credit scene, but anything is possible with Marvel Studios.