Supreme Court On The Fence As Texas Tries To Fight Lawsuits Against Abortion Ban

Texas’ law against abortion has been receiving backlash from both sides of the argument in the Supreme Court. Both the pro-life and pro-choice camps have become angry and skeptical of the ban against abortion after the 6 week mark.

Texas law bans abortion after a heartbeat is detected, around the 6 week mark. People who are against this law protest that many women aren’t even aware of pregnancy at this point.

The Texas Governor wrote this law, believing that life starts when a heartbeat is found. This law also states that women who get an abortion after 6 weeks can be sued for homocide.

States have been arguing fiercely against the Texas ban because every state besides Texas has at least a 20 week time period to get an abortion. States like Hawaii, New York, and New Mexico have no restrictions on abortion, no matter how late term.

Abortion clinics have been trying to sue the state of Texas over this law. Texas has been trying to overrule this lawsuit, but it seems unlikely that the Supreme Court will step in.

In the past, the Supreme Court passed a law that abortions can’t be banned until the 24 week mark has been hit. This means Texas officials have been unable to punish doctors or patients who go against the 6 week ban.

Texas officials have gone to the Supreme Court to fight against these lawsuits and get the court on their side. However, even the most conservative of the judges seem conflicted about passing a law that conflicts with every person’s constitutional right.

Men and women across the globe have been arguing against this new law placed around the timeline of abortions. Even if it isn’t enforced by officials, it’s still a threat to peoples’ freedoms if it is passed. Many say that an opinion on someone’s body and rights shouldn’t hold up in a court of law, while the other side is arguing that unborn lives aren’t given the choice of life or death, so it shouldn’t be given to the mother.

Everything is still on the fence, and it is unknown if this law will or will not be passed. What do you think about the abortion ban?