AB and His Tantrum Spree


Antonio Brown | @ab

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Antonio Brown (AB), is the man with too many chances. His supposedly final shot in the NFL was lost as he took off his gear and left the field mid-game in his game with the Buccaneers against the New York Jets. There are many different reasons that have been said as to why he left but what is the real reason? And why does he love causing problems?

AB was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers during the sixth round of the 2010 NFL draft. He played for 9 seasons on the steelers but 12 in total and has proven himself to be the most productive receiver in the NFL. He is the only player in NFL history with six straight seasons of 100 catches and 1000 receiving yards. He had everything going for him until he finally snapped.

AB has had many tantrums which have prohibited his career. It started with him having a physical altercation with a truck driver in 2020, which led to his release from the Steelers. This led to him getting picked up by the raiders who didn’t even get to use him as he had an issue with his helmet, and he was fined for not being compliant with the team and the Raider’s managers.

AB was given another chance with the Patriots as his friend Tom Brady believed in him, in which he played one game before receiving rape allegations and being released. All thought that the Patriots were his last chance but he was given another shot with the Buccaneers who have revived his dead career.

AB has played very well under the Buccaneers and his quarterback Tom Brady, but in his last game against the Jets he left because he was injured and said his coach was forcing him to play when he was too hurt to play. The Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians does not see eye to eye with AB as he claims he didn’t know he was injured after he refused to go back on the field. It is a weird coincidence how problems on and off the field follow Brown.

Whatever’s next for AB is a mystery as he moves in different directions with his life such as rapping. Will he make it back in the NFL or will he end up in jail for another altercation? AB’s life is all over the place so hopefully, Brown can catch a break and score an opportunity that he desperately needs.