How Great is Soup?

I feel like one of the simplest pleasures in the world is having a nice bowl of soup for dinner. And why shouldn’t it be? Soup is by far one of the best foods you could eat!

There are so many different kinds of soups to choose from: vegetable, tomato, chicken noodle, chicken tortilla and so much more!

My favorite soups by far are menudo and albondigas; unfortunately for me, I only get to have menudo on Thanksgiving and Christmas and it is a rarity that my mom makes albondigas.

Not only is soup a filling and easy meal, but hot soups can also help to warm you up on a cold winter day.

Soup is a large part of most cultures, in fact, almost every culture has at least one cultural soup! Soup is one of the oldest foods, believed to first be made around 20,000 BC in Xianrendong Cave, Jiangxi Province, China. Upon looking at ancient pottery artifacts, scorch marks identified on these pots suggest that some form of hot soup was being made.

Soups were easily made and provided a lot of necessary nutrients which made it an easy and simple thing to eat. It was easy to make a large sum of it and it was also an easy meal to serve. Soups allowed people to not only receive the nutrients they needed, but also keep themselves full and hydrate their bodies.

January is national soup month and February 4th is national soup day, so make sure to eat your soup!

Some local places to get good soup include: Panera, Olive Garden, Mama’s Table, and Corner Bakery. My personal favorite is Panera’s Homestyle Chicken Noodle soup.

Panera recently came out with a new soup called Thai Chicken soup which I am so excited to try soon!