French Week is Right Around the Corner!


Al Dee

An old pic of the Eiffel Tower taken during sunset.

Voulez-vous apprendre le français?

During Valentines’ Week, why not learn one of the prettiest languages for your special other?
French Week is a fun four-day event (Monday 14th – Thursday 17th) during school that is created by our very own French Honors Society. The daily events allow students to learn the French language and experience their culture while winning prizes. This four-day program helps students consider joining the French classes to indulge in the beautiful language.

Reanna Valez, one of the members of the French Honors Society, explained that “French is a beautiful and fun language to learn.”

The schedule for this four-day program consists of:

2/14 (Monday):
Instagram: What is the lock bridge?
Lunch/brunch activity: Lovelock bridge locks and photo backdrop

2/15 (Tuesday):
Instagram: Music ideas/comparisons
Lunch activity: Dj at lunch

2/16 (Wednesday):
Instagram: Trivia!
Lunch activity: Scavenger hunt around campus (The prize is Madeleines!)

2/17 (Thursday):
CNN: Man around town “say the french word” video
Instagram: Pronunciation, Words, Phrases

For more information, follow their Instagram! @canyonfhs