Honors App Development: Student Made Real Working Games and Applications

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  • Booker Gaines and Joseph Bogharian making progress on “Soul Striker.”

  • Cameron Hernandez and Johnny Barbar making progress on their game.

  • Sophia Santos and Sam Carr working on “Audience Mayhem.”

There are multiple CTE classes offered here at Canyon that can help prepare students for life after high school. One of the most exciting and interesting classes offered right here on campus is Honors App Development. After completing the Computer Science pathway, App Dev is the capstone class that implements all that’s been learned from AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A (Java), combined with new skills learned in the first semester regarding the programming language: Unity, in order to create functional applications.

Students share their experience having gone through the Computer Science Pathway and how App development has helped them learn important skills regarding not just coding, but with life after high school in general. Senior, Ike Harms, like many in App Dev, has been in the computer science pathway. When asked what he enjoys learning about in the class he mentions, “Learning to work with a team on our own with minimal help is a much greater asset then we realize that will help in the real world’.” Other students can agree that a huge skill they’ve learned while being in App dev is how to work, communicate, and cooperate in teams. This class focuses more on independent work rather than the usual “teacher walking you through lessons.”

Mr.Underwood, highly respected and favorite teacher of many of the Comp Sci students comments on what App development brings to students.

“This class is like a simulation of a real-world work environment. We use “scrub masters,” programs like click-Up, and multiple people from places like Facebook have come to view the apps. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in computer science or app development to take this class.”

With that said, since projects are very free range, creativity is shown through the classes game ideas. 5 teams came up with amazing out of the box ideas for fun and enjoyable mobile games and are now working on developing them.

Senior Cynthia Bernabe shares with us her game idea that was voted class favorite.

“My game pitch is called ‘Audience Mayhem’, which is basically a first person, rogue type game with random items and random rooms. There’s a special “Audience” feature where the audience basically can control the abilities of the player and the enemies by giving the player random items and obstacles, ultimately giving them the power to decide the fate of the player and the player having to survive the game.”

Other games such as March, Jerry the Wannabe wizard, and Soul striker are being developed by the other teams and are aiming to get their games developed before the end of the semester, so the pressure and focus is on these prospective students.