Minnie Mouse Takes “New Year, New Look” to Another Level


Stanley Stancil

Minnie Mouse redesign!

Throughout the years, fictional characters–live action and animated–have experienced dramatic changes. Whether it’s due to their appearance, personality, religious background, or their likes and dislikes, changes are happening.

Whatever it may be, fans will always find a way to bring hate to said character.

Lately there have been mixed reactions on social media about Minnie Mouse’s change from her signature white-and-red polka dot dress, to a new blue and black polka dot pantsuit and matching bow.

The British fashion designer and creator of the outfit, Stella McCartney, says that Minnie’s new look will make her character a “symbol of progress”, and was made to celebrate Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary. The outfit will also be used in honor of Women’s History Month in March.

Political activist Candace Owens spoke of her disapproval on Fox News about how Minnie’s pantsuit is “trying to destroy fabrics of our society.” She says that there are more important matters to take care of rather than making an unnecessary change to a cartoon mouse.

Two users on Twitter gave two very different opinions on her outfits. One user compared the pantsuit to pajamas while the other said “I’m sorry but that’s ugly sis.”

A post that received positive feedback was American singer Maden Morris wearing a pantsuit with the caption “Let Minnie Mouse wear a damn pantsuit”.

Critics joked about her new outfit being something that Former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton would wear. A person commented, “way to go Disney. You turned Minnie Mouse into Hillary Clinton.”

The new look for Minnie Mouse received a lot of positive feedback, as well as a ton of backlash. Will Minnie’s wardrobe change really represent a “symbol of change,” or will it receive too much hate for Disney to handle that they are forced to bring back the iconic red and white dress? Only time will tell.