The Uprising of Crime



CSI: Los Angeles When you leave a pub to find yourself in the middle of a crime scene.

No matter where you visit or live there will always be some type of crime. Over the past few years, however, the crime rate has gone up tremendously all across the country.

Many people feel that COVID-19 and the protests have affected the crime rate. David A. Graham, a writer for “The Atlantic,” states, “On the most basic level, the culprits for the strange year in statistics are clear: guns, the Coronavirus, and protests. Big changes in the crime rate correlate with the start of the pandemic and major protests after the murder of George Floyd.”

One place in particular, Downtown Los Angeles, has had a major spike in homicides and auto thefts. Leo Stallworth, a writer for ABC7, wrote that LA County Sheriff Alex “Villanueva said Wednesday during a news conference that from 2019 to 2021, homicides increased about 94% and grand theft auto increased 59%.”

This huge spike has been extremely worrisome for not only citizens that live in the area, but for law enforcement also. The Sheriff’s department is in crucial need of more deputies, but with the controversial issues going on, Sheriff Villanueva states that “I still have a majority of the board that is dead set on defunding the department, and that does not work because the community is suffering directly as a result of their decisions, not of our actions.”

As crime rates go up, it is increasingly important as citizens that we are always being mindful of our surroundings and looking out for others.

A few safety tips to keep in mind are to always lock your door once entering your car, always try to be accompanied by a friend or family member, know your surroundings and who is around in case you need help, and always let someone know where you are at all times.