Elvis Presley Biopic “ELVIS” to hit Theaters in June 2022


Sophia Maybin

Austin Butler plays Elvis in the upcoming film.

The electrifying trailer for the upcoming film “Elvis” has sparked serious excitement. The video has picked up over 13 million views on YouTube since its release.

Despite all the hype, there have been some skeptics of the seemingly abstract take on the legend’s life. Some feel that there is too much to delve into, as the legend led a very colorful life. There has been no rating assigned to the film yet.

Avid Elvis Presley fan and supporter, Janet McKeon, said “I would love to see Elvis represented on the big screen as long as they don’t take too many artistic liberties. People like to make judgements of stars whose lives ended tragically, but it really was not his fault, he was fighting demons his entire life and did the best he could.”

The other criticism is how Elvis seemingly took music from black culture and used it to make him famous through exploitation.

The movie will be controversial as it will either be a huge hit or a massive let down. Find out for yourself on June 24 and watch a potential hit movie in the works!