Never Say Die

“You schmuck. Do you really think I’d be stupid enough to kill myself?”

A sea-side coastal town is where our story takes place as the boys soon learn of the hidden treasure underneath. These unsearched caves take the main characters along for a wild ride in search of something valuable.

The anticipation of finding One-eyed Willie’s treasure, takes the boys on an adventure that they will never forget.

Follow Data, Chuck, Mikey, and Mouth on a thrilling adventure to save their humble home from being sold to the Astoria Country Club.

Setting off on their adventure the four boys encounter our villains, Mama Fratelli and her 2 sons at an abandoned seaside restaurant.

Although this is rated PG, this movie is best targeted towards more mature audiences due to the use of crude language and jokes throughout the movie. The events of this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow the boys on their journey.

The characteristics of our four main characters help evolve this movie into one you won’t soon forget. As each of their personalities emerge, you feel a connection and awe towards the boys.

This movie is a true classic that will leave you and your family wanting to continue watching it for years to come. As each of the boys shows their true strengths, you feel as though you are right there with them fighting to save the house.

“The Goonies,” will not only leave you and your family with a smile and new things to laugh about, but long-lasting memories of a feel-good movie. Maybe even a few new catchphrases and a new home favorite.

This classic movie will be one to watch year after year and leave everyone shouting, “Goonies never say die!”