Spring Fling Proposals

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  • Senior Angela Regular kidnaps senior JJ Fechtelkotter for a Spring Fling proposal.

  • Seniors Stephen Foster and Rylee Deleon will be racing to [Spring Fling]!

  • Love sweets? Here’s a perfect dance proposal for someone with a sweet tooth!

What screams high school love louder than dance proposals? With the Spring Fling dance around the corner, many Canyon students have planned and carried out their Sadie Hawkins dance proposals. From staged kidnappings to singing telegrams to Hot Wheels, Spring Fling proposals are happening almost every day during the couple of weeks leading up to the event.

As cute as the stereotypical flowers and poster dance proposal is, being a senior, I decided I wanted my last dance proposal to be as random as possible, which is where the staged kidnapping came to mind. Days before I asked senior JJ Fechtelkotter to the Spring Fling, I asked a couple of his friends for help.

On Sunday, Mar. 6, while students: Ryan Maejima, Deshon Bell-Julien, Tyler Best, Derek Gonzalez, Nick Velez, Brody Baumgartner, and Brandon Boldroff drove to Fechtelokotter’s house to kidnap him, with the help of senior Caitlyn Leao, I set up a fake murder scene that read, “I’m dying to go to the Spring Fling with you.” After all the effort put in, I’m glad I got a yes.

Aside from the staged kidnapping, senior Naomi Phillips also went toward the sillier side when asking her boyfriend, Shane Wilson, to the Spring Fling. What could be as unique and even funnier than a staged kidnapping? How about a singing telegram dressed as Batman?

After Wilson’s volleyball practice, a visitor dressed as Batman came into the gym to ask Shane to complete a mission–accompanying Phillips to the Spring Fling. To celebrate Wilson saying yes, the so-called Batman started singing a celebration song. “I knew Shane would be embarrassed so it would be hilarious. He also loves Batman,” says Phillips.

A pun on words is super common when it comes to dance proposals. Senior, Rylee DeLeon took a play on words with Hot Wheels to ask her boyfriend, Stephen Foster, to the Spring Fling. Her poster read, “Race me to [Spring Fling].” Her friends held one Hot Wheel labeled yes and another labeled no for Foster to choose from. Of course, he said yes!

Whether you have a date or not, hopefully, the Spring Fling is enjoyable! With all the creative Spring Fling proposals, many cannot wait to see what students have in store for promposals!