Chart Topping Amusement Parks

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We all know that the US has the most amusement parks, but which ones are the most popular to go to?

From thrilling rides to toddler toys, the amusement parks with the best rides and vast variety of rides are sure to win the battle for the best amusement park. Looking at the best and worst amusement parks in the US, let’s kick it off with number 1.

Magic Kingdom Park — Orlando, Florida

Part of “Walt Disney World,” opened on October 1, 1971, the park has similar rides to the Disneyland resort in California, but is bigger with a vast variety of attractions, themes, and merchandise. This is why the Magic Kingdom Park is the best park and one of the most visited parks in the US.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom — Orlando, Florida

Also part of “Walt Disney World” opened in 1988 Animal Kingdom has stunned guests with the vast variety of animals and attractions located throughout the park, with its star attraction “Avatar” there’s something you have to ride when visiting.

Universal Studios Florida — Orlando, Florida

Opened on June 7, 1990. Entering the park you can visit vast lands with a certain theme like “Harry Potter” or “Simpsons.” One of the two parks of “Universal Orlando Resort.” The sheer size of the place gives plenty of room for epic rides soon to come.

Six Flags Magic Mountain — Valencia, California

Opened on May 29, 1971. Being one of the most well-known parks in California. The theme park is mostly known for having rides for people who seek thrills, but there is also a Looney Tunes land for people who can’t deal with thrill rides. An honorable mention is the sister water park, Hurricane Harbor which is on the same property; don’t get too excited though, it is a separate ticket fee.

Disneyland Resort — Anaheim, CaliforniaThe first park to start the “Disney” franchise opened on July 17, 1955. Having a variety of rides, food, and themes. Giving the guests a very memorable experience. Having recent upgrades to the park there is always something to look forward to the next time you visit the park.