SC Flyers Road to 2022 USA Hockey National Championships


SC Flyers

Going to Nationals!

The road all started on March 6, 2022 when the SC Flyers won over the LA Junior Kings 4-2 in regulation. The big win that took place at the Vacaville Skating Center made the Flyers the 2022 tier ll 14u AA State Champions. But their season isn’t over yet.

With this the Flyers are now advancing to Kamamizoo, Michigan to play for 2022 Chipotle-USA Hockey Nationals from Tuesday March 29 to Monday April 4, 2022. The Flyers have worked hard all season for this, and they are going to end this season with the W.

Game 1: Against the Tampa Bulls 3-4 loss. The Flyers just lost by 1 point in regulation with Flyers 0 and Tampa having 1 goal in the 1st period. Flyers scoring 2 goals by #6 Derek Brock and #7 Danila Vorobets, with the bulls scoring 3 goals in the 2nd period. With the Flyers being the only one to score a goal in the 3rd period by #21 Harout Arutunyan.

Game 2: Against the Boston Jr Eagles 3-4 loss. The Flyers lost by just one point again in regulation. 1st period with the Eagles scoring first but the Flyers striking back with a goal by #10 Aaron Constantino making the score 1-1.

The Flyers kicking off the 2nd period with a goal by #21 Harout Arutunyan but the Eagles scored 3 in a row after making it 2-4. 3rd period with the Flyers scoring twice by #14 Noah Poinsett Yoshida and #6 Derek Brock which tied the game, whoever wins this game advances. The Eagles scored the final goal of the game, preventing the Flyers from moving on.

Game 3: Against NYC Cyclones 7-3 win. The W is a great way to end the season for the Flyers, but with this win sadly they can’t advance. 1st period with the Flyers hitting first with a goal by #21 Harout Arutyunyan. Making the score 0-1. 2nd period with the striking again with 2 goals by #88 Cade Hopkins and #6 Derek Brock. The Cyclones tied the game with 3 goals. The Flyers were owning the 3rd period with 4 goals by #6 Derek Brock, #14 Noah Poinsett Yoshida, #7 Danila Vorobets, and #61 Giuseppe Bush.