90’s and Y2K Fashion Comeback

Y2K Fashion look

Karina Gomez

Y2K Fashion look

Fashion trends come and go, but currently Gen-Z is going through a Y2K revival.

Popular in the 2000’s, Y2K was inspired by late 90’s trends like platform shoes, baby tees, scarf tops and camo pants, also mixing in a few new trends like mini skirts, bootcut jeans, and baggy clothes. Now why is Gen-Z so intrigued with Y2K fashion?

As the generation that grew up with more advanced technology, media has had a big impact on many lives. This is also true with the revival of Y2K fashion. The well-known social media app, TikTok, is where most trends start and end. Y2K didn’t become a trend again out of the blue. It started with smaller things, like scrunchies, which became popular again. As time progressed, Y2K fashion came back to life.

Just like how millennials are nostalgic for their 90’s childhood, Gen-Z is nostalgic for their 2000’s childhood. Some fashion styles in 2022 are all over the place and affect different people. That’s what makes Y2K perfect for this generation. Pieces like platform shoes are staple pieces in so many different sub styles.

Not only is Y2K fashion versatile, but it is also substantial. Thrifting in recent years has become popular. With the renewal of Y2K, more people have been going to thrift stores to find old clothes from the 2000s era. People are also getting hand-me-downs from their families.

The era of Y2K was made in hopes of being futuristic. Seeing how it’s trendy now shows that Y2K has hit its mark.