Arcade Game “Centipede” Review


Jim & Rachel McArthur

Centipede Arcade Game

Arcade Game “Centipede” Review

Centipede Arcade Game by Jim & Rachel McArthur

In June 1981, the multiplayer game ‘Centipede’ was released. The point of the game is to shoot at a centipede that is trying to attack you while a spider also attempts to harm you. The player is a snake head that shoots at the enemies, and there are mushrooms that you can shoot at for points. When you shoot at the centipede, it splits apart, so then you need to kill all of its body.

After you get a certain amount of points, you change levels. The color of the level changes, and the speed on the centipede and spider also change a little bit. You only get three tries after getting attacked by the spider or centipede. After the three tries, the game is over, or if you are playing multiplayer, player two gets a turn, but they also only get three plays.

When playing the game in person, there are two buttons and one joystick. The buttons are used to shoot at the enemies while the joystick is used to move the character. There are also copies of the arcade game online, but playing it in person adds more to the game. The game was not that popular and was not ranked as one of the top of the best arcade games to play, but it was known enough.

Another goal of the game is to try to achieve a high score. This can be done with your partner in the game because, again, it’s a two-player game; however, two people are not required. Overall, the game is really fun to play with another person because you get to be competitive with someone. More people should definitely know this game, and even playing it online can be really fun.