Can Too Much Screen Time Really Hurt Your Eyes?

Bright Eyes

Rose Jones

Bright Eyes

There have been a number of researchers asking the question of whether or not screen time is bad for our eyes. People have shared their thoughts throughout the world and have come to a conclusion.

UPMC HealthBeat debates whether or not too much screen time is bad for your eyes and found many answers to this question.

Some feedback people gave explained how watching your screen for too long can cause eyestrain. Adding to that, the movement of images on the screen can cause extreme focus that results in damage to the eyes. Because screens and technology are such a major part of everyday life, we experience this damage and strain everyday, which can cause lasting effects on our vision.

Another issue is that people tend to blink less when looking at a screen, so their eyes get dry and irritated. Though it is difficult, you should avoid this because your vision will become blurry.

Staring at a screen can also cause retinal damage, which is a blue light from the screen that can damage sensitive cells in the retina. Researchers also show that you can also get eye fatigue, which is when you get headaches, double vision, and have trouble concentrating.

There are many ways that you can prevent all these problems from occurring, even if you cannot reduce your screen time. For example, you can try adjusting the lighting so the screen is not too bright and so you do not strain your eyes. You can also consider giving your eyes a break every 20 minutes so they can refocus.

Many people have also been interviewed and shared their opinion on whether or not too much screen time can really hurt your eyes. One interviewee said, β€˜β€™It is unlikely that excessive screen use will cause permanent damage to your eyes. However, eye strain and dry eye symptoms can worsen over time.’’ This explains how, while too much screen time can hurt your eyes, it is not necessarily permanent.

If I interviewed you, and asked you if too much screen time can really hurt your eyes, what would have been your response?