Do Exotic Animals Make Good Pets?

Fennec Fox Portrait at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

Paul Fernandez

Fennec Fox Portrait at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

An exotic animal sounds like a fun pet to have running around the house, but are they really best as pets, or should they be kept out in the wild?

Not everyone knows the cost of having to take care of a pet, especially when they are not your typical house pet. Exotic animals need to be taken care of differently than your average pet would usually require. Most exotic animals have a different diet that is more than just dog kibble. Most might need live food to eat, like a huge wild snake or a fennec fox.

According to the website, “Animals are captured from their native habitats and transported to various countries to be sold as pets.” So when someone tries to take an exotic animal, they are taking them from their natural habitats and moving them somewhere it has never been before. This could cause stress for the animal, and that is not good.

If you do get an exotic animal, when they grow older, they could become more vicious and snap at you unexpectedly. Even if having a lion cub or a fennec fox roam around your house may sound fun and cool, there is more to an animal than just being a companion. They need more than an ordinary cat or dog. We should just stick to huskies and tabby cats and let the foxes and lions do their own thing.