How Does Social Media Impact Us?


Árpád Czapp

Phone in hand.

Social media impacts us in many ways. We use it from the time we wake up to when we go to sleep. This has more of an effect on the teens of today, so how does social media impact us?

One way is through trends. Trends can spread across multiple platforms and can impact us in good and bad ways as well as shape how we act or speak.

Let’s start with how social media can impact us in a positive way. Many topics can be brought to light due to social media’s influence. This can help us get educated about many things around the world and spread awareness about issues that can harm people, animals, or the environment.

Social media can also help people express their emotions and personal experiences. When on social media normally you find yourself laughing at a video that you find funny. This can help us in many ways. “A good laugh improves your intake of oxygen-rich air. This, in turn, stimulates organs such as the heart, lungs, and muscles,” states WebMD. This means that not only do you feel happy after a good laugh, but laughing also improves your well-being.

Unfortunately, social media also negatively impacts us. Some people have a fear of missing out when on social media, often referred to as FOMO. This is because others who are on social media show how good their lives are. This can make you feel lonely and impact your self-esteem.

Another negative about social media is that it can cause sleep deprivation. “Using technology often may increase alertness and/or reduce the ability to recognize sleepiness at night,” explains Sleep Health Foundation. This means that, if you are using your phone before you fall asleep, chances are that you are not sleeping as much as you could.

Overall, social media has a lot of impact on our everyday lives, even if we do not realize it. People should try to limit their social media use as they become more aware of just how much control it has over our lives.