Is the Teenage Dream Really All That Special?

Do teenagers have it the worst? Most teens going through puberty have a hard time finding their interests, so they tend to grow curious about new things. This leads to them making wrong decisions; however, at the moment, they might not realize their actions could lead to severe consequences.

For example, let’s say, hypothetically, if you were a teenager and an older friend you looked up to invited you to a party that almost everyone was going to, would you go? Most would say yes, because the feeling of inclusiveness is rather comforting, and if you disagree with this, that might be because you have experienced the consequences that could occur. A possible consequence could be either getting grounded by your guardian or having a super bad hangover.

Many teens tend to focus more on social life than school life. Susannah Cahalan in the New York Post writes about the “educational dip in early adolescence, between 12 and 14, where some students tend to do worse in school.” School is something that every human being should experience. It’s where we all learn how to read and write. We also learn important knowledge that will benefit us in the future, but if we do not focus on what we are taught, we will most likely have a low income in the future.

The highest paying jobs are usually the hardest, and you need experience in many subjects that school teaches. Many teenagers know this, yet they still ignore it; they still choose to post on social media rather than study for a high-paying job. Their main focus is more in the moment rather than the near future. This will lead to a lot of stress on these teenagers’ shoulders that they will have to carry

As a teen, it is difficult to find good friends. Every person has had to go through at least one messy friendship or even relationship. The most common age to find it difficult to make friends is through teen years. “Teens have a hard time making new friends because they are not sure who is trustworthy,” says Angela Avery on the website Good Therapy. Most do have trust issues, but they also have poor judgment. So, when choosing who should be trusted and who should not, it is mostly likely that teens will make a poor decision.

The ones teens believe are good friends will eventually turn into a bad influence, and they will find themselves stuck. Once they have realized how horrible their decisions were and how much they regret being their friend, they have already changed into a whole new person, and they will have to find their old self again, which is not easy.

Overall, being a teen is a young kid’s dream but an adult’s nightmare. This is because adults have experienced the harsh changes that they go through as a teen, physically and mentally. It is draining, overwhelming, and stressful. Some people might even be embarrassed of their actions as a teen.