People wanting to sue Starbucks


Alexis Alvarez

Starbucks is not using the ingredients they say they are.

Many people have been debating whether or not Starbucks Coffee should be getting sued due to their fruit based drinks missing key ingredients.

In late 2021, Astoria resident Joan Kominis purchased a Strawberry Açaí lemonade refresher from Starbucks. She assumed this drink had açaí in it. It turns out the drink only had frozen strawberries and a mixture of “water, sugar, and a grape juice concentrate.” The drink was also made of other fruits that were not advertised, such as passionfruit and mango.

Kominis said she would not have purchased this product at its normal price if she was aware she was not drinking what she believed it was. Kominis wants to sue Starbucks for tricking her and the millions of other people who are purchasing their refresher drinks.

Many people are upset not only because they were unaware of the drinks ingredients, but because they were upset at the fact they thought they were getting the nutrients from the fruit’s health benefits in the drinks.

Kominis has been trying to sue Starbucks for over 5 million dollars ever since the inconvenience happened. Kominis claimed she will “never go to Starbucks again.” “They have tricked me and millions of people into believing things that aren’t true just for the money,” she adds.

A medium refresher in Manhattan costs $5.65, and people from Manhattan are stating the argument that “Starbucks hot chocolate contains cocoa, its matcha lattes contain honey and mint, just as customers expect.” This proves their point that whatever is expected to be in the drink from the title of their name should also be in the drink so they know what they are drinking.

This is still up for debate, but as of right now, Kominis and others are still trying to sue Starbucks. Do you think Starbucks should be getting sued?