Russia using White Phosphorus against Ukraine Civilians


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A U.S. Air Force Douglas A-1E Skyraider drops a white phosphorus bomb on a Viet Cong postion in South Vietnam in 1966.

The Russo-Ukrainian War has seemingly been coming to a close with Russia’s retreat from Ukrainian boundaries. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made an accusation saying that Russia was using white phosphorus bombs against civilian areas and infastructures.

During the first retreat of Russian forces, Ukrainian troops reported that white phosphorus bombs were being used on Snake Island. Former Defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk said that the use of white phosphorus on the island was unusual since there were no Ukrainian forces occupying it at the time.

In April 2022, Zelensky accussed Russia of using the white phosphorus bombs against civilian areas. He claimed that civilians, adults, and children died in the attack. In May, videos and images surfaced of what is believed to be white phosphorus being used on the Azovstal steel plant in the port city of Mariupol.

When it comes to using white phosphorus bomb during war, it is not illegal to use them against enemy forces. However, it is illegal to use them in civilian areas.

White phosphorus is a highly reactive chemical element that is used as a weapon during war. White phosphorus reacts with the surrounding atmosphere and ignites, burning fiercely.

It can also react with oxidants, metals, and many compounds causing it to explode. The burning phosphorus can quickly light fires within its surroundings, making it a large hazard when it comes into any contact with an infrastructure.

The topic of white phosphorus being used in war is very controversial, with many people believing it is inhumane with the amount of damage it can cause to the human skin.

If phosphorus is left on the skin, it can cause third-degree burns and can enter the bloodstream, poisoning organs like the kidney and heart.

With Russia getting desperate to win the war, they have started to use inhumane and illegal methods to win battles. Despite all of this, Ukrainian forces are currently pushing back the Russian forces and winning back their territory, and soon this war will be over.